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Do you need to verify your customer’s age? AgeVerify by Inverite provides an instant, secure cloud-based system for verifying your customer’s age and identity. Protect your business in this rapidly developing regulatory environment with the industry leading system for ensuring Age Verification compliance.

AgeVerify was designed from the ground up to be easy to use for your customers, regardless of whether they are using a mobile device, tablet or desktop. Even multiple customer devices are supported - if a customer is finding it difficult to upload a picture from their desktop, they can simply send the verification to their mobile device, and continue from there, using the built in camera. No software installation is ever required, nor any App Store installs - AgeVerify is 100% browser-based.

We offer highly competitive rates, with no monthly minimum and no commitment. Contact us today at to discuss your needs!

Easy & Convenient Age Verification

You need to ensure your eCommerce shoppers are the age of majority for what you are selling. We have an easy solution for you and your customers. Flexible implementation means you can be as stringent as your regulatory environment requires.


  • Verify Age and Identity Information
  • Match Selfie to Drivers License with Facial Recognition
  • Multiple Templates to Match your site
  • Plugins for all major eCommerce systems
  • Quick "Send to Phone" feature to use Camera

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