Risk Score

The Future of Risk Analysis Is Here

Whether in automobile, installment, small-business, subprime or payday lending, we offer different risk models to match the different conditions of your industry. For the ultimate performance we can build a custom risk model that, in addition to banking data, also uses customer profile information and past customer repayment history to further enhance algorithms.

Reduce Costs While Improving Accuracy

We understand that acquisition costs can be a lender's greatest expense. At only $0.75 CAD per request and with volume discounts as low as $0.50 CAD, and compared to upwards of $5 for traditional credit scores and other AI-based options, this can make a significant impact to your bottom line.

Machine Learning

Using data from over 500,000 banking reports, we have trained our machine learning algorithms to make statistical predictions based on patterns detected in millions of individual customer transactions and profile data.